Code of Ethics

It shall be the ideal, resolve, and duty of all optometrists:

TO KEEP their patients’ eye, vision, and general health paramount at all times;

TO RESPECT the rights and dignity of patients regarding their health care decisions;

TO ADVISE their patients whenever consultation with, or referral to another optometrist or other health professional is appropriate;

TO ENSURE confidentiality and privacy of patients’ protected health and other personal information;

TO STRIVE to ensure that all persons have access to eye, vision, and general health care;

TO ADVANCE their professional knowledge and proficiency to maintain and expand competence to benefit their patients;

TO MAINTAIN their practices in accordance with professional health care standards;

TO PROMOTE ethical and cordial relationships with all members of the health care community;

TO RECOGNIZE their obligation to protect the health and welfare of society; and...

TO CONDUCT themselves as exemplary citizens and professionals with honesty,
integrity, fairness, kindness and compassion.

*Revised 2009