May 28 - 30, 2020

Virtual CE

Virtual GLEC

Please visit the GLEC website for more information!

Due to the coronavirus crisis, COPE has amended the rules regarding online and in-person training until May 31, 2020. Because the dates of GLEC fall within that range, the MOA has decided to move forward with a virtual offering. 

​Virtual GLEC 2020 will allow you to receive up to 20 hours of education that will be considered as an interactive distance learning format, counting for in-person CE hours. So, even if you have taken all 20 hours of online training allowed for Michigan, you are still eligible to attend Virtual GLEC and receive full credit. ​The MOA is currently hard at work setting up this format and will provide more information when it is available. You will be able to access the virtual content from your internet browser, mobile phone, or tablet with no downloads needed. ​The education will be provided on May 28 - 30 and each course will happen in a simulated live format. You must be online and active in order to receive credit for each course. These courses will not be available on-demand and they will not be played again. 


Phone: (517) 482-0616