On Demand Webinars

Click here for course descriptions. To register for a course, please click on the link in the course title. You may only receive up to 20 hours of credit for online training. Although the MOA offers a total of 26 hours for online training, you may only receive credit for up to 20 hours in an on-demand, self-paced format.

MIGS, MIGS, and more MIGS - What Should an OD Know? (69329-GL) 

Carotenoids and Use in Health and Disease (69324-PH)

Glaucoma Drugs & Updates (69325-GL)

OCT Posterior Segment Application (69326-PS)

OCT: Structure and Function in Glaucoma (69327-GL)

Visual Fields and Updates (69330-GL)

The Expanding Optometric Scope: Injection Basics (69802-IS)

The Expanding Optometric Scope: Minor Surgical Procedures (69420-SP)

Ocular Rosacea (69418-SD)

Pain Management (69596-PH)

Red Eye Diagnosis (69597-AS)

Strabismus & Amblyopia (69595-FV)

Grand Rounds: A String of Electrodiagnostics and Other Pearls (69263-PD)

Laser Procedures for the Management of Glaucoma and More (69261-LP)

Laser Therapy for the Open-Angle Glaucomas ALT and SLT (69262-LP)