Become a GO! Team Leader

What is Grassroots Optometry?

Go LogoLike it or not, optometry is a limited license profession, defined by and existing at the pleasure of the Michigan Legislature. We are fortunate to live in a democracy, with government by the people. We are, therefore, a participating democracy, and we must participate to ensure our future as optometrists. If we fail to participate, any worthy opponent can block our efforts to advance or even strip away the privileges earned in the past.

The only way to keep up with these sweeping changes is to continue to move our GO! efforts to the next level. We must all learn how to develop personal relationships with our senators and our representatives in order to protect our future in eye care. Because of term limits, today’s legislative clock runs much faster. Now is the time for each of us to get serious politically, keeping in mind that lobbying and relationship building is a process, not an event. It takes commitment of time and effort to be successful.

If you would be willing to serve as a GO! Team Leader, or would like additional information, please contact Tara Paksi at GO! 517.371.1590 or email at